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Our Services


Fast and High efficiency information sharing will present wonderfully your products on the Internet.


Multiple operators handle the same business that makes the works easy for everyone to complete a lot of work. Support sub account to add up to four sub accounts to assist your customers in the works. And we have made two permissions for these sub account. At the same time, you can also enable or disable the sub account. It is beneficial to manage interns in practical business.


Instant review the conversations and information, sharing with your customers or colleagues. It avoids unnecessary trouble caused by e-mail loss, delay and other problems,in order to improves work efficiency.


Your production could to be found easier by the buyer on the Internet. Meanwhile collection and obtain product support information. Therefore, it finds accurately raw materials or component for your factory requirement.


Based on component and module development, It will be in security, internationalization, cache optimization, support for expansion,and support mobile devices.In addition, we are using the adopted SQL server which is a large database,good at elasticity, supporting the advanced management functions of data warehouse.


The tracking orders and following by multiple quality certification systems, and setting up the confirmation review nodes. Since the signing of the contract, packaging confirmation, goods production progress, expected shipping time, documents mailing and express number, etc. All information your customers can query online to ensure on schedule and fast sharing of goods production, transportation and other information. In addition, your customers can also view historical orders in real time, which can be used as reference data for your future orders conveniently.


Deployed on Cloud server, it is easy to maintain, backup, and expand and adjust in the future.


In strict accordance with EU information security laws and regulations, Save encrypted database data to ensure data confidentiality and information security.


Free charge of beautify the website, according to different requirements of customers.


According to the customer's use feedback, formulate an update plan on each quarter and deploy and release it for customers free of charge.

What we do next

Free value-added services: documents AI check, packaging AI check, production video release system,file sharing function..... Coming soon, please waiting release info.
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